Waves Ducks, the WAVES NFT game that is revolutionizing the market


First of all, we would like to introduce you in case you still don’t know, what is WAVES?

Waves is a Blockchain platform whose main objective is to be the Blockchain for people, to help understand the Blockchain sector and how DeFi works. Mass adoption and helping cryptocurrencies reach the world is his goal.

The Waves ecosystem has more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency sector and with the launch of outstanding products during all this time.

But you may be wondering… What is Waves Ducks?

Waves Ducks is an NFT game within the Waves ecosystem; a game focused on collectible digital duck images in NFT format.

These images are collected to perform different actions with them, among which are hatching, reproducing, farming or even fighting the baby ducks, one of the new PVP formats.

It is important to note that Waves Ducks is a decentralized application that works with Smart Contracts or smart contracts that are available on the Internet and thus you can check the veracity of each of the NFTs and confirm that it is not a fake.

Among the main items of the game, is the official currency of the game, called EGG; It is absolutely necessary to acquire ducks; Within the different duck modalities, there are genesis ducks that are digital images that can be acquired in exchange for EGG.

It could also be a raised duck which is a second generation duck produced by two bride ducks.

Finally, there is a sterile duck and, in this case, it could no longer participate in the breeding of ducks. And not least a JACKPOT duck that would be an exclusive digital duck that always maintains its 100% rarity, they are very special because they represent a public figure or an iconic event from the WAVES ecosystem.

With WAVESDUCKS, new features are constantly being introduced such as babyducks, collective farms where, for example, you can have an annual profitability of 130% APY and, finally, the launch of new, unique and exclusive artifacts that are key to enhancing the game.

As you can see, a world to discover for those who have not yet had the opportunity to play with WAVESDUCKS and become a true DUCKHUNTER.

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