Vire.Finance is an accessible decentralized finance protocol from the Waves ecosystem


The world is constantly changing. It is time to look to the future and enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sector.

Vires.Finance makes it easy for you to access this new emerging world so you don’t get left behind and join a risk-free future. is a decentralized liquidity protocol based on the Waves Blockchain ecosystem, where users can participate as depositors or borrowers.

Depositors contribute liquidity to the market to earn passive income, while borrowers can borrow on an overcollateralized basis. uses a common mechanics based on a pool in which all deposited funds participate equally in interest-earning activities.

Being based on the Waves Blockchain, it uses extremely low fees, which makes it very interesting for high and low volume deposits and loans.

Your funds are stored in a system of smart contracts, so-called smart contracts; The smart contract code is public, open source.

The assets available at Vires Finance are backed by an algorithm that provides them with a safe, stable value and guaranteed returns. 

With all this information you have surely already decided to make your future profitable, all you have to do is go to, connect your Wallet and start earning with the maximum ease and security.

Vire.Finance rewards your trust: you lend liquidity to the platform and the protocol is responsible for increasing the value of what is loaned.

The future is accessible and it is found in Vires Finance. You add up?

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