Uniswap Community Rejects Proposal to Charge Fees to Liquidity Providers


The Uniswap community has voted against the proposal to introduce fees into the protocol for liquidity providers (LPs) of the decentralized exchange platform. The vote, which concluded on Thursday, saw more than 45% of the community expressing support for an approach “no fees”. Meanwhile, 42% voted to charge LPs one-fifth of the fees generated by Uniswap version 3 (V3) pools.. A smaller portion, 12% of the community, voted for a tenth of the fees, while only a nominal 0.04% voted for a quarter.

Liquidity providers play a crucial role as market makers on Uniswap, facilitating trade for users and obtaining a part of the fees of each operation. Currently, LPs are not charged by the platform for their services..

The proposal to charge fees was first put forward by GFX Labs, a developer company, earlier this year. They argued that Uniswap was in a good position to generate significant revenue through fees on the protocol. The firm emphasized that liquidity providers should be considered users of the protocol that do not require full refunds, as many of them are professional market makers rather than retail traders.


However, the proposed fee structure has generated both support and criticism from the Uniswap community. Supporters argue that introducing fees for LPs could incentivize greater participation and provide a sustainable revenue stream for the protocol., which can be used for development and community initiatives. They believe that LPs should contribute to the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem, given the advantages they receive by participating in Uniswap.

On the other hand, the Critics of the proposal raised concerns about the potential impact on LP earnings and the risk of drawing liquidity away from Uniswap.. They argue that other decentralized exchanges (DEXs) could attract liquidity providers with more favorable fee structures and even no-fee models. Capital flight to other platforms could reduce the liquidity available on Uniswap, affecting its competitiveness and user experience.

However, the survey results indicate that the community is not yet ready to embrace the idea of ​​charging fees to LPs. Although the majority of the votes “No” were against the proposed implementation rather than the concept of fees itself, highlights community concerns about the potential impact on LP earnings and the possibility of capital flight.


The result of this survey will likely influence a formal survey expected later this year.. The Uniswap community is known for its active participation in governance and incorporating community sentiment into decision-making processes is crucial to maintaining member satisfaction.

Uniswap Foundation CEO Devin Walsh clarified on Twitter that the recent survey was conducted to gather feedback and is not part of a formal governance process. He stressed that if GFX Labs moves forward with a «Temp Check», snapshot voting will become part of the official Uniswap governance process.

However, the final decision will depend on the outcome of future governance votes and the ability to address the concerns and suggestions raised by the community.

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