Twitter will offer rewards to content creators


After the purchase of twitter by Elon Musk for the figure of 44,000 billion dollars, more and more plans are coming to light and leaning towards the transformation of Twitter as a Web3 social network with various options for exchanging money with cryptocurrencies.

Twitter has been in the news for some time due to the massive layoffs and many changes that are taking place immediately, in fact, Musk and his advisers plan to make users pay before sending direct messages to celebrities on the platform. Newly added variants show that there is much more to come.

“Keep in mind that Twitter will be doing a lot of dumb stuff in the coming months. We will keep what works and change what doesn’t.”

Elon Musk

What plans does Twitter have for the near future?

A number of changes will be made to the platform including the way ads are displayed, something Musk highlighted. “I believe that the right advertising can inform, delight and entertain. It shows you a deal, a service or a product that you have not seen before or that you do not know about but that suits you”.

According to the New York Times, Twitter Submitted Documentation That Would Allow It To Process Cryptocurrency Payments Soon. The novelty will boost the development of the platform significantly. Also some kind of monetization for content creators with some of the cryptocurrencies they plan to support which they haven’t confirmed yet.

Twitter, a new way of interacting.

Musk appears to be focused on taking Twitter to the forefront of Web3-based platforms that offer new remuneration methodologies for users, so much so that he recently agreed with the influencer’s opinion. Zuby Music, who said that Twitter should find a way to offer financial compensation to content creators to which Musk replied with the word “Absolutely”

The popular news outlet Bloomberg claims that Musk will reinstate the accounts of previously banned Twitter users, notably former US President Donald Trump.

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