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The fast speed of cryptocurrency transactions is the future of finance. Over the years, technological advancements have given the crypto space an edge. More and more companies are competing to find the technology that will make their transactions the fastest in the market. Fortunately for all crypto enthusiasts, Apollo Fintech has come to the rescue with the fastest cryptocurrency in the world. At an almost instantaneous transaction speed, Apollo (APL) is way ahead of its competitors. This article will go into all the speedy benefits this currency offers. 

Apollo Currency (APL)

Apollo is the industry’s fastest cryptocurrency with the speed of sub-seconds to two seconds block-time per transaction. It is a privacy-oriented coin that aims to provide users with an all-in-one experience that combines the best features of cryptocurrency. 

Whereas most cryptocurrencies only target niche users, Apollo is marketed as useful for any user. The Apollo team’s goal is to reduce the use of multiple currencies for different activities. APL holders are offered endless possibilities beyond exchange for goods and services.

  • Infrastructure 

Apollo utilizes the most advanced blockchain technology to make secure and almost instant transactions. The Hermes blockchain incorporates the best mechanisms to secure its infrastructure and provide privacy, security, stability, and speed. Furthermore, the protocol provides users with an alias system, encrypted messaging, token creation, etc. 

The APL technology allows anyone to create the advanced token in seconds without complex code. Holders can send private, and public transactions under Apollo’s competitive privacy features via encrypted messaging, private ledgers, IP masking, etc. In the future, Apollo plans to make use of advanced technology further and feature the world’s first Dapps infrastructure with limitless storage. 

  • Services 

Apollo is the world’s first cryptocurrency to launch and implement database level sharding. Therefore, it is one of the only indefinitely sustainable blockchains on the market. Furthermore, the platform is tailored to offer seamless and untraceable use of wallets and is the first crypto to make wallets quantum resistant. The underlying technology on the platform is based on Quantum resistant blockchain and algorithm. Apollo is the first cryptocurrency to launch a national currency platform and host a national currency. It’s also launching a mass adoption crypto-friendly world bank. As an all in one crypto, it offers a variety of services, including a large number of government and commercial uses.

  • Features 

APL is the world’s most feature-rich cryptocurrency, offering advanced technologies such as sharding, Apollo updater, Apollo atomic swaps, adaptive forging, node synchronization, and many more. Thanks to the lean crypto infrastructure it uses, It offers the fastest crypto transaction speed per block-time and low transaction fees. More privacy features holders are offered, including coin mixing and coin shuffling, allowing the account holder to anonymize their transactions and accounts further. Here’s the best exchange to get APL.

Gold Secured Currency (GSX)

Gold Secured Currency is hosted on the Apollo blockchain, which means it boasts the same transaction speed of sub-seconds to two seconds block-time. GSX is an excellent and Gold secured currency developed by Apollo Fintech. 

Therefore, it’s the world’s only quantum secure stable coin running on Quantum-resistant blockchain and algorithm Quantum Steel. Since it runs on the Apollo blockchain, it features all the technological advancements as Apollo. These include; privacy, security, speed, quantum-resistant wallets, coin shuffling, IP masking, private ledgers, etc.

GSX is gold and land asset-backed stable coin- this makes it redeemable for its gold value. Investors of GSX are the trust beneficiaries and legal owners of land rights, mining companies, and all mining assets. The rights of these assets are held in trust with legally binding contracts that grant GSX holders ownership. As a GSX holder, you receive a yearly dividend and full ownership of trusts. 

Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech, said that the GSX asset value is closely tracked and displayed for all holders to follow the rise of their assets.

As an investment, the GSX value is continually increasing due to the increase in its land and gold backing. The value is further increased when 50% of what is offered that is not sold in the CDE gets burned with the value moving to survive GSX. It’s clear that GSX combines the best elements of a stable coin, cryptocurrency, and investment coin. As the only coin that continuously grows in asset value, it’s way ahead of its counterparts in terms of advancement. Here’s the best exchange to buy GSX, get them while they’re still in ore sale with as much as 50% bonus.


Apollo Fintech has managed to create two of the most feature-rich currencies in the market today. The speed of transactions is just a piece of the multiple layers of technology the company has managed to fit in their system. They have managed to combine the best features of any cryptocurrency seamlessly and come up with a masterpiece. APL and GSX hold so much potential for any investor. Fast transaction speed and low transaction fees are some of the best things that could happen to a trader. So why not grab yourself these assets today and start your investment journey with Apollo.

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