The addictive cyberpunk game, Underground Waifus, is now available for MacOS


All game and anime fans will be pleased to know that the new and fun game released in December 2022, Underground Waifus , is now available for download on MacOS.

As you hear it, the addictive game that puts sexy and dangerous wives to battle in a post-apocalyptic world that ends in a cyberpunk universe, is adapted to be enjoyed on various computers and devices.

In this way, the developers of Underground Waifus make sure to bring this incredible product to more enthusiastic gamers willing to show their worth in this impressive “underworld”.

It’s very simple, just go to , click on the Mac OS box to download, click on the ZIP, extract, and that’s it.

In addition, in that same link you can find the downloads for PC and Android.

And of course IOX and LINUX users have not been forgotten, Underground Waifus will soon have adaptations for its users.

Why own virtual handcuffs?

Undoubtedly, one of the main sources of innovation is that it proposes a circular economy model, which combines the F2P (Free to Play) and P&E (play and gain) business models with the tokenized economy.

“Underground Waifus shares a freemium F2P (free 2 play) and PaE (play and win) model, making the game accessible to everyone.

Model based on competitions between players, with several game modes PVP, Tournaments, Seasons and PVE. Players can be rewarded according to the skill of the player”, the architects behind this outstanding product point out on Twitter.

In addition, its creators shine on their own, they already have experience in the market and may be known for previous projects.

We are talking about Daniel Valdes, CEO of the successful Outer Ring. Oliver Pérez, CEO of Of Warlands (Warlands Corps). And it could not be missing, Jeffrey Van Eeden, CEO of Gamezone.

“Pigital and phygital”

They emphasize that Underground Waifus is the first TCG designed for the new era of collecting, physical and digital, with unique and limited collections.

  • Each new edition, or special collaboration, will have a unique edition, and each card and its content is different.
  • The player will have all the experience of NFT and web3 in terms of digital ownership and physical experience, as the screens will be printed in the future for the owners.
  • Finally, combined into a unique themed card game, it offers the first phygital TCG experience.

Note that the supply of each card is limited, and cards can be burned for profit in other collections or upgrades.

Players own the assets, whether through mere collecting or playing, and can generate value for their time invested.

Modality and possibilities

In Underground Waifus there is no chance to get bored or let your guard down.

The action-packed, card-collecting TCG focuses on a competitive side, with an easy player-driven economy: PVP (player vs. player) battles, and the player who wins takes all.

The objective of the Waifus is to kill the 20 life points of the opposing player to win the game.

However, the player is not required to play every day and can spend as much time as they want, on any day they want.

They currently feature three game modes: intense 15-day seasons (Seasons), wild PVP battles (PVP), and exciting multiplayer tournaments (Rankings).

income plus

Underworld Waifus allows the ability to rent out assets that users don’t use, allowing other players to access the professional side with no barriers to entry.

The player who wants to “give” a scholarship only has to select their deck and new players will request its use.

Based on the statistics, you will decide which player is the right one and define a time frame and minimums to start making a profit.

Important data

The current maximum supply is about 153,400 cards in total, and the distribution of the envelopes.

They have released six types of Packs, divided into different tiers, which are described below:

  • Common Pack (6000) – 8 cards per pack
  • Rare Pack (5000) – 8 cards per pack
  • Epic Pack (3300) – 8 cards per pack
  • Legendary Pack (2700) – 8 cards per pack
  • Mythic Pack (750) – 16 cards per pack
  • Founder Pack (250) – 24 cards per pack

A fascinating and attractive world

The Underground Waifus universe is not without a plot, it takes place in a future that has been corrupted by a shortage of materials, money: stardust and the desire for power.

Which has led to an eternal war between different races and more than nine factions, each with attractive and amazing characteristics.

And their races are very well defined, with strong and striking characteristics to entice and entice players to join each side. Or, rather, to be the reason these battle-hardened ladies fight each other.

The breeds are divided into:

  • Vaessa sufferers, subtle and dangerous.
  • Aekyra Reporters, proud and haughty.
  • Kemono, wild and effective.
  • Atom Hunters, deep and enigmatic.
  • Juggernauts, tough and disciplined.
  • Zyphertech, stealthy and deadly.
  • Sathosi`s Opacles, calculating and fickle.
  • Crimson Sisters, majestic and brave.
  • Valkyry, flirtatious and assassin.

Do you want to know more about its history, weaknesses and descriptions? So you can not stop visiting them on their social networks, website, and of course try this attractive game.

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