Stratus: The Upcoming Social Network that Could Take Over the Internet


Stratus, a new blockchain social media ecosystem, will focus on community development by prioritizing its users’ needs. Headed by CEO Stephen McCullah, Status aims to be the most user-focused ecosystem by implanting a world of technological advantages to ensure the social media lovers get the most inclusive and convenient service. 

The first phase of this platform is launching next week, integrating leading social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Accessing all the features will be a breeze since they’ll all be placed on a single dashboard, and users will only have to tap on the function they need.   

Apollo fintech is the blockchain-based startup behind this new social network set to revolutionize various platforms’ interoperability. Besides introducing users to social and entertainment functions, Stratus will also delve into financial services with its e-commerce platform and offer an avenue to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

McCullah has designed a platform that will solve all the issues currently plaguing the social media ecosystem, the top being data selling. The CEO and his developers believe that personal data privacy and security are fundamental human rights; only the data owner should share the data. Therefore, the platform will distance itself from data mining and other violations of user privacy, which are prevalent on other platforms like Facebook that often sell personal data to private entities for profit. 

Stratus is also the first and only network to ensure free speech in the social media space. It’s not tolerating content censorship; instead, the platform tasks its employees with the work of protecting the right of all users to express themselves freely. 

Additionally, Stratus will be the safest social media network ever developed. It will tap into blockchain tech to guarantee transactions, communications and personal data such as passwords and usernames. The ecosystem will also deploy military-grade encryption, making it hard to crack even by the best hackers. 

Stratus Solving the Users’ Entertainment Needs

Social platforms are supposed to be centers of innovation and entertainment. For instance, Youtube and Tiktok enjoy an excellent adoption rate because of their entertainment role, posting thousands of videos weekly from different content creators. 

However, some content creators choose not to post their content to these platforms because of censorship algorithms that often block content from reaching viewers. 

Stratus has identified this menace in the social media space and has embarked on building the largest censorship-free entertainment ecosystem, hosting video and audio content from millions of influencers globally without barring certain dissident or politically incorrect content. Users of this ecosystem will enjoy good content and will have the right to choose the content to watch. 

All content creators will have the freedom to express their views and options without fear of getting banned from the platform. They will also enjoy maximized revenue streams due to the one-click donations feature, which allows them to receive donations directly from viewers. 

The fair remuneration model on Stratus, where content creators with the most viewers earn more without other parties chipping away at their profits, will incentivize the creation of high-quality content every day. All stratus users will have good content every day. 

Stratus Solving the Users’ Communication Needs

As a Communication tool, Stratus will introduce a world of features that will suit every user. For one, it has functionalities similar to WhatsApp, allowing users to video and voice call. Users will also have the functionality to chat, share videos, send instant messages and store contacts for future communications.

Stratus will also possess Facebook’s primary functions, i.e., the friends feature, to connect users globally. Social media lovers will leverage the options of pages, group features, and channels to communicate and exchange ideas freely. 

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