Service exporters choose the digital dollar to collect. Which one is preferred by Argentines?



Receiving payments from abroad in Latin America is increasingly common, mainly among self-employed workers who export services and technology companies that have clients outside the country.

For those looking to keep their business competitive in developing economies, receiving payments in digital dollars is the solution for many. Among all the options that exist in the market, it is evaluated that it is safe, that it has good support, that it has quick liquidity and a low transaction cost.

DIGITAL DOLLAR ON THE TRON NETWORK (TRX): Speed, economy and liquidity

According to data from  Cryptomarket  – Latam’s pioneering crypto asset exchange platform based in Chile and present in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia – USDT is not only the currency belonging to the stablecoins category, most chosen by the Argentines but the one that moves the highest transaction volume among all cryptocurrencies.

The great characteristic of stable cryptocurrencies is that they are linked at 1:1 parity with traditional currencies such as the US dollar and that is why many call it a digital dollar.

Currently, these currencies have increased their market capitalization and have become a reliable option, since being designed to closely follow the value of the currency to which they are indexed, stablecoins maintain their prices with slight daily variations, such as as occurs with assets such as the dollar or the euro.

According to CryptoMarket figures, USDT is Argentina’s favorite cryptocurrency, with 38% of total acquisitions, but one fact worth highlighting is that within this currency, the most chosen blockchain network is Tron (trx). The second most preferred stable cryptocurrency is USDC and within this, once again the most chosen network is Tron.

It is worth clarifying the difference between the most chosen stablecoin and the most chosen blockchain network. To make an analogy, the first – the currency – would be the vehicle chosen for payment and the network would be the highway selected for that car to reach its destination.

But then, why is the Tron network the most used? The speed of transactions that this network allows is one of the compelling reasons to choose this blockchain when choosing to collect salary income.

Furthermore, the liquidity that this currency has makes it desired by many but the main reason is due to its low cost in shipping fees (we could say that the toll on this highway is very low), compared to other popular blockchains such as Ethereum network (ERC-20).

Recently   Bitwage  – the pioneer and leading platform in payment of fees in cryptocurrencies or digital dollars most chosen by workers, freelancers or service exporters – announced that it was adding the TRON network at the request of the hundreds of Argentine users who requested this network.

“We have been listening carefully to our users in Argentina, who have been strongly requesting to be able to receive USDT on the Tron network. And no wonder, because Tron is the smoothest network to handle USDT, which makes it much easier for our users to get their hard-earned money faster and easier.” Jonathan Chester, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitwage.

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