Secretary of the Government of Medellín is left out of the next EAFIT COIN 2022 event


Recently the board of directors of the event COINS 2022 announced through a statement that the Secretary of the Government of Medellín, who was part of the panel of speakers at the next COIN Investment and Business Congress, Esteban Restrepo will be excluded from the event that will be taking place on October 20 and 21, 2022.

We bring you exclusive details about what happened, stay until the end!

But… What is COIN 2022?

COIN 2022, is presented as a high-level event with the participation of a large number of opinion leaders related to investments and digital businesses of this new era, On October 20 and 21, attendees will be able to enjoy various activities to develop their knowledge on topics such as, blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, startups, among others.

They will also be able to enjoy networking spaces, workshops and endless conferences from influential people both in the crypto ecosystem and in the world of digital investments. This event comes thanks to the EAFIT University and the board of directors of the investment and business congress of Medellín.


Statement confirming the departure of Esteban Restrepo

On behalf of the board of directors of the COIN congress and the student group of the investment and business club.

It is said that the key factor that led to the exclusion of the Secretary of Government of Medellin, Esteban Restrepo of the next event, is directly related to the political discourse he professesbeing COIN, an event with a purely educational focus on digital investments.

Likewise, they announced that the decision was made autonomously as a board of directors and not only as an act of censorship by the directors of the University.

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