Sam Bankman-Fried Posts Bizarre Tweets That Inflame Users


Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), posted several bizarre tweets that riled up the crypto community. In a series of Twitter threads, SBF wrote a series of one-letter messages that collectively read: “What happened«.

The messages come at a time when the beleaguered exchange FTX has lost nearly $2 billion in client funds. The consequences of the collapse of one of the main exchanges in the world have hit the digital asset sector, which has engulfed many Business in a severe liquidity crisis. The FTX collapse has decimated investor confidence leaving clients in distress and many others in the crypto world fearing the repercussions.

Mysterious Messages During the Financial Crisis

Amid the financial turmoil, SBF took to Twitter on November 14 to post a series of messages that do not justify the bleak situation. The bizarre tweets began with “What” and “H” and ended with Bankman-Fried writing, at print time,

“It is not legal advice. It is not financial advice. This is all as I remember it, but my memory may be faulty in parts.”

The tweets seem like a “mock” at a time when financial problems are cascading within crypto platforms. A venture capital fund noted investments in FTX worth more than $200 million. Another top cryptocurrency lender, BlockFi, paused client withdrawals on Friday after FTX filed for bankruptcy protection. the exchange crypto.comsaw increased withdrawals that could be attributed to the FTX disaster.

In an interview regarding the tweets, SBF said: “I’m making it up as I go along” and the series of tweets “is going to be more than one word.” Asked why she said “I don’t know,” Bankman-Fried, 30, added: “I’m improvising. I think it is the moment”, Refusing to give any further explanation.

Twitter Users Lash Against Him

Users immediately started speculating about the strange messages and many of them suggested that Bankman-Fried’s account had been hacked or that he was high. Another user wondered if SBF was “intoxicated” by posting the messages. Several user responses revealed their anger at the insensitive tweets. John E Deatonfounder of CryptoLaw, wrote,

“If it’s really you tweeting, then you may actually have narcissistic personality disorder and think you’re not going to jail.”

The journalist and author Alex Berenson said the tweets could be an act by Bankman-Fried to possibly defend his actions pleading insanity or that he was under mental duress if brought before a court. Another Twitter user claimed that the collapse of the FTX has drained 19K from your account and that he cannot “eat” or “sleep.”

A palpable feeling of frustration hung over the unusual messages, as he wrote ari paulco-founder of BlackTower Capital,

This was not a game for many people. His embezzlement destroyed projects, companies, lives. Most of the industry may be ponzis, but not all. You have reduced confidence in the industry and in the world: anti-utility spike.

John W, Richhe said goodbye to the mystery thread asking for help since he seemed to have invested all his reture money in FTX.

In the meantime, Gurgavin Chandhokea popular cryptocurrency trader, proposed that SBF was looking forward to sending a message to Sam Trabuco, the former CEO of FTX’s sister trading company, Alameda Research. Chandhoke said that Bankman-Fried possibly trying to spell “what happened” is allegedly sending a message to Trabucco, pointing to a series of older tweets from Trabucco that read “what happened?” as evidence.

Many other users lashed out at the despondent exchange CEO venting their exasperation. One user asked if SBF was having a schizophrenic break. another user, jabo38, posted an answer in the weird fuming thread:

“Do you think this is funny and a joke? People have lost money.”

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