Now the stickers are digital and Fernet Branca has already auctioned his first collection



The love for stickers and collecting joins the fanaticism aroused by brands and artists, in the era of the digital economy, to give birth to  Stickers Protocol ,  a new tool to create friendly marketing strategies on Web3. Fernet Branca  is the first to present its digital sticker, available to fans of the emblematic aperitif.

Welook , the platform that allows users and brands to connect through Web3, is responsible for developing this protocol of digital collectible “stickers” (NFTs) designed to reach audiences and take them to a new level, using the possibilities offered by blockchain technology such as security, traceability and transparency, added to the fun and distinction that adhesive stickers represent for people.

Stickers Protocol -created on the Polygon network- is a bridge so that brands and artists can easily enter the blockchain world, as well as users, since no prior knowledge is required.

In turn, “Stickers” seeks to be a meeting point for communities that follow the innovations and exclusive proposals of their favorite brands, such as Fernet Branca in this case. In this way, it will be possible to offer a series of digital stickers to connect directly with followers and also reward their loyalty with surprises and VIP experiences.

“We are excited to contribute to this exciting new era where blockchain technology enables a direct connection between brands, personalities, artists, clubs and organizations, and their fans. Our mission is to promote this relationship without intermediaries, fostering a sense of community and belonging like we have never seen before.” Angelo Antonelli, CEO of Welook.


By entering the platform  you can find the different offers of available sticker designs. They are issued in categories called “Generations”, each having a maximum number of units to avoid inflation in collections.

“Generation 1” of all collections always consists of 100 units, allowing both large brands and smaller communities to tokenize their audiences. The next generation (“Generation 2”) will double the number of units and continue to grow proportionally.

A key feature of the smart contract is that it forces the issuer to give away each new generation for free to holders of the previous generation, rewarding those who participate early and adding value to previous generations with each new iteration.


In order to access the auctions in order to buy a sticker in this way, it is simply necessary to log in with an email, where a wallet will be created.

They can also connect with the wallets that users already have and, it is estimated that payments will also be made soon by credit cards.

The process to be able to get a Sticker is based on an ascending auction, where participants can make offers to ensure their purchase. When the auction ends, the highest bids will be the winners and there will be as many winners as there are items being auctioned.

The final price is the same for everyone and is set by the amount of the lowest winning bid. Once the auction is over, the Stickers can be sold in the marketplace section , generating a secondary market for collecting Stickers.

About Wellook:

Welook is a social platform on the Web3 that allows both users and companies and brands to generate marketing actions based on blockchain to connect them with their audiences, thus strengthening the sense of community. Through different developments and protocols, it offers benefits in the form of tokenized experiences in a simple way, facilitating entry into the blockchain ecosystem for all people.

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