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2022 has been an extraordinary year for the cryptocurrency industry, and also a year of struggle for both institutions and users. For CoinEx, 2022 was also a special year – many cryptocurrency platforms crashed overnight, and panic continued as the market went through disruptive changes in the third and fourth quarters of the year. As a global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEx is fully aware that an exchange cannot survive the bulls and bears, or make any progress, without constant improvement of its products and services.

In 2022, CoinEx amassed 4.5 million registered users, offering services in 15 languages ​​in more than 200 countries and regions. Meanwhile, CoinEx set new records in terms of trading volume, number of cryptocurrencies listed, product and service enhancement, promotion and branding, charity, and investment in the past year.

New Milestones: Record Trading Volume and New Listings

CoinEx continues to explore outstanding and innovative crypto projects, and already supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies in more than 1,000 trading markets, reaching an industry top level of cryptocurrency trading. In 2022, the cumulative volume of spot and futures trading on CoinEx reached $243.3 billion, and the daily trading volume reached $2.3 billion. As for value-added services, the highest average daily APY in the AMM market reached 96.08%. Throughout the year, CoinEx has saved over $4.22 million in trading fees for all VIP users, through fee discounts and CET deductions.

This year, we have taken the application scenario and value of CET, the native token of CoinEx Exchange and CoinEx Smart Chain, to the next level: Adhering to the CET value agreement, CoinEx continues to enforce daily rebuy and monthly burn policies, and has cumulatively repurchased and burned over 660 million CET, worth $30 million USD.

100% reserve: Proof of reserve using the “Merkle Tree” audit method

In December 2022, when the cryptocurrency market encountered a series of turbulence and confidence crises, CoinEx responded quickly and launched the “Merkle Tree” audit method as Proof of Reserve, becoming one of the first trading platforms. of cryptocurrencies to disclose the proof of reserve. CoinEx has always adhered to the bottom line and has practiced to maintain a 100% reserve ratio. CoinEx will never use user assets for other purposes for any reason, and 100% guarantees withdrawals, adhering to the principles of security and transparency.

The “Proof of Reserve” support not only reassures CoinEx users, but also adds a transparent and secure shield to user assets. Over the past 5 years, CoinEx has maintained a record of zero accidents and has built an extremely stable system protected by comprehensive measures, safeguarding all user assets.

Serial Integrations: Continuous Product and Service Perfection

CoinEx has accumulated more than 100 rounds of product optimization and service updates throughout the year, covering three main aspects: New services, new experiences and new updates:

1. New services

In 2022, CoinEx launched exclusive features such as Swap Trading, Dock, Tradeboard, Voucher Center, etc., which allow users to trade cryptocurrencies with great flexibility and offer users a versatile range of attractive gift events with a smooth user experience. .

2. New experiences

In 2022, to offer completely new trading experiences, CoinEx restructured and upgraded a number of functions, such as spot trading, financial service, AMM service, deposit and withdrawal services, asset management, VIP membership, CoinEx Ambassador, the Help Center, etc. Through website updates and flexible adjustments to the account structure and technology framework, CoinEx also launched a number of new features, including referral ambassadors, multi-approved withdrawals , dynamic interest rate adjustment of margins and much more. With these new features, users can try out more featured cryptocurrencies and receive more incentives from CoinEx.

3. New updates

In 2022, CoinEx released new enhancements to market overview, contract data, new listings, and Fiat services. In particular, the market overview and contract data have helped users keep up with real-time market changes on CoinEx, and make smarter investment decisions. As more and more fiat service providers join CoinEx, we have also organized a number of commission-free promotions to enhance the fiat trading experience.

New slogan: brand promotion

In April 2022, CoinEx rebranded and redefined its tagline to “Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easier” with the goal of breaking free from traditional financial shackles and making the cryptocurrency market more accessible. In addition, CoinEx wishes to provide all users with easy-to-use crypto products and convenient services, and to work as an important gateway to the crypto world for global cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In the last year, CoinEx has amassed over a million followers across all social media platforms. Hosted and invited by 27 blockchain events, CoinEx has spent nearly $1 million sponsoring 31 international competitions and events spanning more than 200 countries and regions, including the 2022 Rugby League World Cup.

In addition, CoinEx was covered by the global media more than 13,000 times, influencing more than 100 countries and regions, and was named among the 7 fastest growing brands in financial services by SimilarWeb.

Charity and capital: Humanitarian assistance and investment in major projects

Under the guidance ofVia Blockchain, Making the world a better place“, CoinEx Charity, a non-profit organization, was founded by CoinEx Exchange in 2022. Following the founding of the Billionaire Charitable Fund, CoinEx Charity focuses on helping vulnerable people and is actively involved in charitable activities from all walks of life, committed with humanitarian aid, development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency aid, free healthcare, etc. Working with other charities and governments in 31 rural areas around the world, CoinEx has made 32 donations, helping more than 30,000 people in need.

In 2022, ViaBTC Capital invested in a total of 12 quality projects throughout the year, focusing on supporting and incubating 8 projects, mainly in Web 3.0, Layer 2, and DApps that mix DeFi, NFT, or DAO. As of December 2022, ViaBTC Capital has invested in funds such as Pantera Capital, IOSG Ventures, and Shima Capital, created more than 50 investment partnerships and networks, and attended more than 20 blockchain AMA sessions and conferences.

In addition to user growth, premium crypto assets, and product and service upgrades, CoinEx also strove to build a global presence and fight for industry progress. Over the years, CoinEx has worked hard to make crypto products easy and accessible to everyone. Over the past 12 months, CoinEx has impressed the market with excellent performance thanks to its strong efforts.

In 2023, CoinEx will stay true to its original motivations, continue to refine its products and services, and move forward to make the blockchain world a better place.

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