n1u is born: the first superapp in the region



Starting this month, n1u, a wallet created by leaders in the fintech world with the purpose of including the youngest in an intuitive, comprehensive, safe and entertaining way to the world of finance, will begin to be in force. The superapp is the first to bring together different functionalities in one place and to have crypto.

In addition, it is developed on a structure that prioritizes the security of its users since it works with blockchain technology.

Facundo Corsi, CEO of n1u, said:  “Our focus has always been on creating a product for young people that solves a specific problem from end to end. After years of working in the world of technology and gaming, we discovered that 7 out of 10 gamers do not have access to a credit card. We found it incredible that there are still so many young people outside the financial system and that is why we are convinced that n1u will not only change the way young people interact with finance, but will also revolutionize the region”.

With n1u, all users -from the age of 13- will have access to a Global Visa prepaid card and will be able to add additional ones. The virtual wallet will grant them a CVU number so that they can operate, it will offer them a Loyalty program and will allow them to carry out various operations such as requesting loans (buy now, pay later), sending money to other virtual wallets, paying for services and subscriptions, recharge the cell phone or SUBE, NFTicket, invest and staking, among others.

Leo Elduayen, CEO and founder of Koibanx, a leading company in providing blockchain infrastructure for the Latin American financial system, said:  “Koibanx saw a huge potential in n1u, that’s why we made the decision to invest with our technology and even with the time of our own team. They found in us value and simplicity in our technology and we decided to move forward with them, not only as a supplier, but as a partner”.

n1u will start operating in Argentina at the end of March 2023 with a team made up of a high young spirit and they are already planning their landing in Mexico for this year. The company will seek to revolutionize the fintech world and transform the region’s experience, since it will be the only all-in-one app focused on the youth segment.

About n1u

n1u is an Argentine digital wallet that was born to combat the difficulties of the youngest to be included in the financial world, offering simple solutions within everyone’s reach, with a focus on technology and the community.

With the aim of accompanying its users, not only in the use of the app but also in their daily lives, n1u uses its technology, including its blockchain processing core, to include financial functionalities linked to the world of entertainment. Coming soon, more information is:  www.n1u.app 

Koibanx Sidewalk

Founded in 2015, Koibanx is a pioneering fintech company in providing blockchain infrastructure for the Latin American financial system, leading the technological revolution in the industry in the region, providing asset transaction and tokenization services to the banking and financial sector in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Uruguay.

Through its platform, the infrastructure of its clients becomes more secure, agile and profitable for payments, factoring and tokenization of assets, thus enabling the possibility of reaching new market segments.

Koibanx works by building the rails that enable multi-asset payments, making financial system holdings liquid, allowing mixed and partial payments to be made using cryptocurrencies, fiat money, securities, commodities, and loyalty points. More information: https://www.koibanx.com/ 

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