MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet will support games from Epic Games


The popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask It will be integrated into various online game stores such as Epic Games and, after closing a major partnership with the company HyperPlay.

Although indirectly, this will be a new way for players called Web3 to access their items with a single application.

“MetaMask and HyperPlay have been working together to bring MetaMask to all desktop games. HyperPlay will be a new web3 native game launcher that brings together the EpicGames store and to inject MetaMask into all games released by those stores.”

How does the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet integration with games work?

The news published last Wednesday (2) leads the gaming industry to get closer to cryptocurrencies.

This is because by using Hyperplay players can set up cryptocurrency wallets in all web3.0 engined games, be it tokens or NFT.

The solution works with the MetaMask SDK software, which should receive an alpha version by the end of November. An end-user beta solution is expected to be released in February 2023.

The developers of the solution created a mechanism that allowed Epic Store games to run on the Linux operating system for the first time. As a desktop and mobile application, it also supports the Spanish language.

Will the NFT gaming industry make a comeback in 2023?

While cryptocurrency-powered games weren’t created in 2021, it was in that year that they gained momentum and gained attention.

Gamers who had never heard of cryptocurrencies and NFTs came to the space excited by the promise of earnings from daily activities, even with low-quality games.

After scams, pyramid schemes, and poor results, NFT games failed to make it in 2022 and thrilled the community, which still saw a sharp drop in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Big companies have studied the market, but have not yet shown an interest in risking their reputations in a still new space.

However, by 2023, with a little more maturity and seeking to present solidity, it may be that new projects appear on the scene, presenting integrations with famous wallets, maintaining what the Web3.0 proposal promises: fun with the control of the users themselves. .

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