Marcos Paz accepts crypto: the BIDI project was presented



The Municipality of Marcos Paz is known for having innovative ideas and promoting creative solutions in its district. So much so that it was the first Municipality in Argentina to apply Blockchain technology for the management of digital assets through its Activos Marcos Paz app.

On this occasion, the city mayor, Ricardo Curutchet, presented the BIDI project, a new innovative proposal from the Municipality that allows businesses in Marcos Paz to accept cryptocurrencies.

The Secretary of Economy and Production, Virginia Goyeneche, highlighted that “In Marcos Paz we accept cryptocurrencies and this is thanks to the agreement between the Municipality and the Local Development cooperative, in coordination with the Koibanx company.”

“Those who have the Activos application will have this new functionality,” commented the secretary and celebrated that Bendito Bar, the place where the presentation was made, “is one of the businesses that has already been testing BIDI.”

For his part, the CEO of Koibanx, Leo Elduayen, highlighted: “Digitalization and interoperability are transforming the way we manage finances. With the continuity of this project that was born in 2019 and thanks to the Municipality’s mentality of progress, today we can provide a tool for businesses to receive payments in cryptocurrencies in a very simple way. At Koibanx, we are committed to working together to lead this change towards a more inclusive and digitally empowered financial ecosystem.”

As he explained, the operations will be carried out “with a QR code and in 48 hours they will have the pesos in their bank account without expenses.” “In this case the commission is always paid by the user, not the merchant. Cryptocurrency users are used to this system,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Treasurer of the Local Development cooperative, Martín Marino, highlighted the articulated work and assured that “this is just the beginning and that over time the virtual wallet will be developed so that all the people of Marcos Paz can use it.” .

Then, Mayor Ricardo Curutchet highlighted “the public-private coordination that started with the Activos project in 2019, where the cooperative was later added.” Ricardo assured that “we always try to be ahead and this is one more step that allows us to encourage local tourism and also mobilize the economy.”

Finally, he invited businesses to join this innovative tool and announced that “in a short time BIDI will be a wallet that will be on the market.”

This innovative project, developed jointly between the Municipality, the Local Development cooperative and the company Koibanx, a leading company in blockchain infrastructure, will enable the payment of products and services in Marcos Paz with cryptocurrencies. In this way, the Municipality of Marcos Paz continues to promote disruptive projects that boost the local economy.

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