Mani Thawani, first donation in Cryptocurrencies


At some point, the word cryptocurrencies has reached our ears, Bitcoin, blockchain … There are still people with the idea that digital currencies have appeared relatively recently and are nothing more than a passing fad.

Mani Thawani, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the sector, has come to show that it is not a temporary thing, and that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

First of all we are going to see a little more in depth who Mani is and what he has to tell us:

Mani Thawani, a young Canarian of Hindu origin, grew up on the island, living a complicated childhood with few options to continue studying in the traditional way.

When Bitcoin crossed his path, his life pivoted completely until today, where he has created a company with several sectors in the world of cryptocurrencies, among which MundoCrypto stands out, the first crypto training academy in Spain with more than 40,000 students.

Apart from all this, we can see the success and effort that Mani and his entire team are making, since in just over 2 years of the company’s life they already have offices in Tenerife, Madrid and Dubai, with more than 100 employees . All this thanks to cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, Mani wants to show that these digital assets are used for much more; A few days after writing this article, he has opened a public wallet, where anyone can send their contribution to donate all the funds raised to the Food Bank.

This is the first donation made with cryptocurrencies, and it opens the doors to donation possibilities thanks to the technology that supports them, the blockchain, where thanks to this it is possible to see in a completely transparent way the movements that are made of the money and it is ensured that they are used for the sole purpose for which they are disposed. Initiatives like this should be done more often.

Mani wants to help those most in need in this way at a time where any help is welcome.

The donation was made at the Tenerife Food Bank, an association with many years of history that helps the most vulnerable on the island.

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