Launch: the Miami hotel that tokenizes its expansion and allows investment in 4 clicks from USD 1000



Miami is one of the most attractive destinations for real estate investments in the United States due to various factors that guarantee superior profitability.

Many Argentine investors seek to access this market, which until today was restrictive due to the requirements and procedures that included costs for lawyers, accountants, creation of an LLC and opening of local bank accounts.

In this context, a new proposal is launched that  comes to democratize real estate investments by inviting all types of investors to participate starting from a base of only USD 1000.

This new way of investing is promoted by the team specialized in tokenization of assets and real estate investments  Rext , who present the first tokenization project in Florida on the renovation and expansion of the Sorrento Villas hotel, which will imply  a total investment of USD 4,000,000 in 24 months and will totally renew the experience that this complex offers today in the heart of Miami Beach.

Álvaro Castro Burgueño, Cofounder of Rext , and a specialist with more than 20 years in the real estate market in Argentina and abroad, and an expert in property tokenization since 2018, explains:

“With this project we seek to democratize access to real estate investments. We work to bring a real and solid profitability solution, based on an asset that is already operating in Miami. And it is thanks to blockchain technology that today we can offer this solution that guarantees that the entire process is traceable and transparent. Thus, from Argentina or anywhere in the world, today you can invest in a business that moves millions of dollars. With a smart contract and multiplicity of payments: from credit cards, transfers in dollars, via AstroPay or with digital dollars such as USDT, USDC, Bitcoin or ETH, in 4 simple steps and from the cell phone or digital device you can make the investment and become the owner of an investment in Miami”.


The tokenization of a property is a process in which it is divided into small proportional parts called “tokens”. And this division or tokenization process is done by creating an intelligent contract (smart contract) in a blockchain or chain of blocks, such as Ethereum, which registers the ownership of the tokens and allows investors to buy and sell them safely and transparently, since all movements are recorded and cannot be altered by anyone.

Real estate investments through tokens are the future of the market today, not only for real estate but for investments in general. By being based on real world assets, blockchain technology allows them to be divided so that more people can benefit and enter the world of investments in a few clicks in a simple way. According to data from the World Economic Forum, by 2030 it is estimated that 10% of world GDP will be tokenized. This is thanks to the benefits that blockchain technology provides, among which the following stand out:

1- Accessibility:  it is no longer necessary to have a large capital to invest.
2- Efficiency:  transaction costs are significantly lower and the process is much faster, as it is done digitally.

3- Liquidity:  unlike other forms of real estate investment, tokens are easily tradable, which means that people can sell them at any time quickly.

4- Transparency:  all transactions are registered in the blockchain, granting security and confidence to the process.


The Sorrento Villas hotel is already in operation and during the last year it reached an estimated annual turnover of USD 700,000. The expansion and renovation project proposes going from the current 22 available apartments to 49 suites, along with other improvements in the comfort offered to transform it into a high-end boutique hotel located in the heart of Miami Beach.

The reform contemplates the comprehensive improvement of the 806 m2 that make up the hotel today and includes the development of a new annexed work that will add 370 m2 covered and some 180 m2 of terrace. The project also includes a amenities area with a swimming pool and solarium, accompanied by a breakfast and lounge area.

The art deco architecture of the mid-20th century, characteristic of Miami Beach, will be the protagonist of the new aesthetic of Sorrento Villas that will also seek to accompany digital nomads with spaces designed to be used as work areas and common areas that will favor networking and recreation. In addition, it will seek to optimize energy efficiency by installing solar panels and by installing insulating construction materials. The project also seeks more efficient maintenance by automating operational functions, thanks to state-of-the-art home automation systems.

Investment Benefits:

– Yield :  6% per year, during the first stage,  and once  the work is finished ,  the percentage  can vary from 6% to 8% per year  (fluctuating according to the hotel’s profits), all  tax free.

– Accreditation of performance:  it will be made in the account or collection method indicated by each investor at the time of the purchase of the token, which may be a bank account, credit card, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.

–  Property title:  once the purchase of the token is approved, the company will send each investor a property title that validates them as the owner of the investment made in the hotel.

– Valuation: after the reforms, it is estimated that the Sorrento Villas hotel will have a total valuation of USD 16,000,000.

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