How to earn up to 19% per year in dollars by making your cryptocurrencies work through DeFi


Technology is changing the concept of the command economy by governments, central banks and large corporations.

Now there are other alternatives that offer decentralization, security, accessibility and transparency: the so-called “decentralized finance”, or simply DeFi.

Decentralized finances are cryptocurrency investment instruments automated by smart contracts. Being automated and decentralized, they make it possible to dispense with financial institutions such as banks.

In a world where a huge amount of the population does not have access to the banking system, DeFi seems to be accessible to almost anyone with just a mobile device. But in turn, the thousands of projects, protocols and alternatives that are offered makes it an overwhelming system for the initiated.

That is why proposals such as those of the Let’sBit crypto-exchange are valued by those who want to enter the ecosystem but do not know how or where.

The startup has launched a new feature, which will allow users to generate returns with their cryptocurrencies automatically, being able to have daily profits just by keeping their assets within the platform.

The advantage of operating with platforms like Let’sBit is the possibility of simultaneously accessing a pool of investments in DeFi protocols that best fit the needs of each user, in a simple way.

Prior curation facilitates decision making in addition to being able to count on performance, risk and benefit information for each project in a clear and transparent manner.

This is how each user can choose to generate returns in BTC, ETH and other listed cryptos and access the highest rate in the market, allowing them to earn over 19% per year in dollars in an automated manner -the highest in the market-, very Far from the 1.75% granted by a traditional fixed term in dollars in any bank.

In addition to this, the service works like a remunerated account in a bank, where there is no need to subscribe to any fixed term and both the capital and interest are available when the user requires them.

“Entering the world of investments can generate fear or distrust due to the lack of information or time to study each project. What we are looking for from Let’sBit is to accompany people on this path with an easy and clear platform, where each user can directly manage their cryptocurrencies, always maintaining the power of their capital and performance”, says Agustín Abraham, CMO of Let’sBit.

First steps to invest

To start generating returns from the Let’sBit platform, users must choose between the different currencies in the catalog on which the service can be executed.


In addition to the wide variety of coins to choose from, there are different types of DeFi protocols with their respective rates to place the assets.

This means that people can choose where to invest according to the investment strategy and the returns they want to generate. It is important to clarify that interest rates vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency.

In this way, users can generate returns on a daily basis in different cryptocurrencies which will be paid once a day, 365 days a year.

Advantages of entering the DeFi world through Let’s Bit

Highest rates in the market – Users can earn up to 19% per annum in dollars to cryptos like CAKE that offer 60% per annum.

Balances are not locked: users’ money will be available for them to use whenever they want.

Daily payments: returns will be collected every day at 5:00 p.m. in Argentina.

Variety of protocols: When users choose a strategy to invest in, they can see the composition of the strategy, its expected return, and the risk that the platform assigns to it based on the size of the protocol.

Variety of currencies to invest: users can generate returns in ADA, ARS, BNB, BTC, CAKE, DAI, DOC, DOT, ETH, LUNA, MATIC, USDP, SOL, USDC, USDT and UST.

Synergy with the rest of the platform: within the same Let’sBit platform you can load balance, carry out operations and obtain performance.

About Let’s Bit

The Let’sBit startup is a crypto-exchange focused on strengthening the economy by offering a new and superior alternative to traditional banking operations when making investments and payments, being one of the main crypto exchanges in LATAM where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and make other investments.

It also offers other products such as PayOnRails , the API that allows fintechs to process payments in LATAM, verify users and sell cryptocurrencies, and Let’sBit Desk , a personalized financial solutions service for companies, individuals, entities and financial advisors.

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