Honduras continues to advance in technological development through the use of blockchain


This September 16, a press release was released in which a trilogy made up of 3 Honduran institutions seek to develop high-impact technological solutions in the country through the event “Project for the Development of Digital Transformation with Blockchain Technology”.

Strategic Business Consulting in alliance with Insurance LAFISE Honduras and the accompaniment of Holy Family Cooperative actively promote technological innovation through useful and affordable financial products to meet the needs of Hondurans.

Blockchain as a development tool in Honduras

The General Manager of Strategic Business Consulting Ing. Luis Canales expressed the importance of use blockchain technology as an effective tool to simplify processesthus improving the user experience and offering new opportunities for generating income with the support of international and national institutions.

A clear example of this is the launch of the first digital data notary in Honduras, XRP Stamp, which uses the XRP blockchain to improve the data notarization system with an easily traceable and verifiable high-performance structure.

On the other hand the Ing. Gabriela Núñez, Manager of Electronic Subsidiary, stated that the vision of the Sagrada Familia Cooperative in its process of digital growth seeks to promote financial inclusion through various channels using blockchain technology to promote access to various financial products and services in Honduras.

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