Gamer Generation: the segment that continues to grow and seduce the financial world



The gamer market does not stop growing, in  Latin America alone it is estimated that there are more than  335 million gamers, of which 26 million live in Argentina.

This increase in Latam has been increasing at a rate of 6.1% annually and is generating a profound transformation in the way in which new generations create their first experiences within personal finances.

It is estimated that in the region, this segment mobilizes more than  6,000 million dollars ; This explains why more and more industries such as banking and fintech are seeking to understand the way in which finance cuts across this entire ecosystem.

Players, from an early age, learn to exchange value with each other, redeem points, buy skins (appearance of a character in a video game), etc.

A recent study by the consulting firm AsKids indicates that in Latin America 70% of boys between 13 and 18 years old play video games, who join the new generations of young adult gamers with new needs, accustomed to living simple, fast experiences. and highly efficient.

This gamer demand opened the opportunity for Latam fintechs to begin developing new products, a case of this is  n1u,  the first app in the region inspired by the gamer world.

“We wanted to bring gamers a safe, entertaining financial solution that speaks their same language. This is how n1u was born, promoting gamified payments so that the user pays, overcomes challenges, obtains rewards and makes all daily transactions in one place and in a community. n1ubers can have, send and receive money in the app, operate with crypto, recharge their cell phone, add balance to their accounts on Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam; operate with QR code and pay for services and subscriptions. Additionally, through our loyalty program, they also have unique benefits on the brands that most identify them. We gamify payments to include the youngest in the world of finance ,” summarizes  Facundo Corsi , CEO of the company.

“Digitization and interoperability are transforming the way we manage finances. Gamers represent a native generation in a world of digital transactions, and their demand for agility and versatility is a call for evolution in the financial world. In this sense , we see how through the integration of Web3 solutions in its core, traditional banking has the opportunity to offer innovative products to attract new segments. An example of this is n1u, a digital wallet aimed at the young segment, which we developed and in which We invest in collaboration with Visa. This wallet offers everything from cash in and cash out of money, transfers and payment solutions such as QR, to buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, cell phone recharges and contracting streaming services. All running on a core 100 % blockchain. At Koibanx, we are committed to working together with financial entities to lead this change towards a more inclusive and digitally empowered financial ecosystem,” said  Fran  Mayora , CFO of  Koibanx – a pioneer company in providing blockchain infrastructure for the financial system. .

In this sense, the challenge focuses on understanding the needs of this new generation and guaranteeing personalized services that respond quickly to them.

Ramiro Raposo , VP of Growth at Bitwage – the pioneering platform in payment of fees in cryptocurrencies and digital dollars by service exporters – explains: “As the world of E-Sports grows, we have seen many gamers collect their income through of our platform, whether due to their streaming services or competitions in which they have participated. Many of these players also have jobs abroad for which they also use Bitwage. Users thus have the freedom to receive charges for different activities, in the currency they choose and in the wallet they like best.

Thus, new platforms seek to accompany and offer more efficient ways of managing finances, allowing users to link their bank accounts, credit cards, cryptocurrencies and even online payment systems, providing total control, also over their spending on video games.

In addition, the new all-in-one wallets apply the logic of gamification with personalized rewards and a playful experience to maximize the user experience.


The growth of the gamer generation in Latam also gave rise to the emergence of new economic opportunities. Streamers and video game content creators often manage to turn their passion into a source of income.

According to the Live Streaming Industry Report ,  in the last 3 months of 2022, users of the Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming platforms watched more than 7.2 billion hours of live content created by gamers and streamers, who generate their income through of advertising, donations and subscriptions for the creation of their original content. 

This monetization empowered many young people and challenged them, increasingly, to need new financial tools that adapt to an increasingly digital and interoperable daily life.

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