Empowering education in India to ignite the flame of hope and help fulfill dreams


During its visit to India on July 5, 2023, CoinEx Charity visited Aloor Government Secondary School, located in an impoverished area, and provided essential learning resources such as notebooks, books, and school supplies for more than 400 students. The donation was aimed at improving the learning environment for students in the region and empowering them with better educational opportunities.

Aloor Secondary School is a government funded public school located in an impoverished area of ​​India. Most of the school’s students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Due to difficulties in paying expenses, many families cannot afford essential learning supplies, which is a major constraint on learning and personal growth. Recognizing the challenges faced by local children, CoinEx Charity decided to lend a helping hand by donating the Geometry Game, a learning kit, to children in need.

The CoinEx Charity team was fully dedicated to the donation event, which was part of the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” program. They selected quality notebooks, books, school supplies and other learning supplies and delivered them to the school. On July 5, the school set up a small stage to welcome the team. The Tamil language teacher at the school introduced the event to the students, who warmly welcomed the arrival of CoinEx Charity. During the donation ceremony, representatives from CoinEx Charity interacted with the students, encouraging them to value their learning opportunities and strive for success.

At this event, more than 400 students have received books, notebooks, school supplies, calculators, and other learning supplies from CoinEx Charity. Though they may seem insignificant, these items symbolize hope and opportunity for underprivileged students. Donating to CoinEx Charity will make a world of difference in their quest for academic and professional success while battling difficult circumstances.

We are deeply concerned about global education and have observed that schools in some parts of India remain impoverished.“commented members of the CoinEx Charity team. “Through the donation, we hope to provide essential learning resources for local students and improve their harsh learning conditions.“.

The donation received a warm welcome and sincere gratitude from the students and staff of Aloor High School, as well as wide public recognition. The school principal mentioned that the CoinEx Charity’s donation will help students pursue academic excellence and better career opportunities, and appreciated CoinEx Charity’s generous assistance for underprivileged students.

Donating to CoinEx Charity in India is not simply an act of charity, but also a reflection of your unwavering support for educational welfare. The organization is convinced that every child has the right to a quality education and that poverty should never limit their future prospects. By providing essential learning tools, CoinEx Charity intends to help children become highly motivated learners and leave poverty behind.

This is not the first CoinEx Charity event in India. Since its creation in 2022, the organization has been actively involved in charity projects around the world. From donating books and building school libraries to providing scholarships and learning supplies, CoinEx Charity’s charitable actions have spanned more than 20 countries and regions globally. This year, he launched the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” program, which has already reached disadvantaged students in countries including Vietnam, Nigeria, Thailand and Indonesia. This donation in India marks the fifth stop of this educational wellness campaign. Soon, CoinEx Charity will also visit schools in Venezuela, Brazil, Türkiye and other regions. CoinEx Charity has also reaffirmed its commitment to empowering global education through a wide range of channels and activities.

The educational donation once again demonstrates CoinEx Charity’s commitment to its social responsibilities, with a focus on educational development. In the future, the organization will continue to help improve educational conditions around the world through various charity programs, benefiting more underprivileged children with quality educational resources.

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