Cripto Latin Fest Medellín 2022 will offer a high-level crypto experience


A few hours before the start of the 5th edition of one of the most emblematic events in Latin America, Cripto Latin Fest lands in Medellín, the cradle of entrepreneurship in terms of crypto and blockchain which has been characterized by leading the way in the adoption of Bitcoin and the development of projects based on the chain of blocks. Let’s go to the end!

What is Cripto Latin Fest 2022?

On November 23 and 24, The city of Medellín will receive the entire community of crypto enthusiasts from Latin America and the world, with the aim of promoting education on crypto and blockchain taking into account the transition period in which we find ourselves and that without a doubt, the educational aspect is the most important factor in accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin and crypto in the region.

What will Cripto Latin Fest 2022 offer?

Cripto Latin Fest with a duration of 2 days, hopes to offer a high-level crypto experience at the hands of recognized opinion leaders, who will be offering conferences on the topics, adoption regulation and use of digital assets, as well as a large number of talks on the topics, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, Web3, among many others.

Attendees will also be able to actively participate in trade fairs, Cryptocurrency payment experiences, workshops, educational areas, live music show and networking spaces to favor the creation of strategic alliances and promote the development of large projects in Colombia and Latin America, based on blockchain.

In conclusion

Being Colombia the 2nd country in Latin America that uses crypto the most, it is essential to carry out this type of event with the presence of the protagonists who are developing a large number of innovative projects and who can offer their knowledge regarding the opportunities offered by DeFi and Web3 nowadays.

If you want to be part of this economic, technological and social transition period, Cripto Latin Fest has a lot to offer you!


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