Coinbase employees work remotely due to the coronavirus


The CEO of Coinbase He announced on Twitter that some of his employees would start working from home starting this week. The new decision is due to the threat of a new coronavirus (called COVID-19). Another encryption company, Messari, also asks some employees to work from home.

Remote work as a solution against the coronavirus

Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, tweeted about asking some employees to work from home today. He admits that remote work may not be a complete solution, but it can help prevent the growth of the coronavirus epidemic.

Coinbase CEO published the document of company planning along with your tweet. The plan focuses on the threat of coronavirus and says that the risk of infection for Coinbase employees is still low. But the company has decided to send some employees home to prevent the disease as much as possible.

Coinbase employees who can get sick more easily have to work completely from home from now on. First they have to plan the procedure with their direct manager. Employees who may have more problems in case of infection also have to work from home. According to WHO announcements, the elderly and those with a weak immune system are in greater danger.

The Coronavirus plan document for Coinbase also asks employees to minimize personal travel. The company has three principles for the current situation and the coming months. Try to keep employees safe at first. The following priorities are to serve clients with the highest standards at the time of the epidemic and try to reduce the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Messari joins the remote movement

Messari is another encryption company that wants employees to work from home due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Ryan Selkis, the founder of Mesaari, tweeted today that the company will be remote first, and most planned business trips were postponed over the next few months.

Selkis also posted a new update on the Messari website from his home office. He admits the importance of prevention in the current situation of the outbreak and predicts that many upcoming cryptocurrency conferences can be canceled or postponed. He also talks about solutions such as videoconferences and virtual reality meetings that can make remote work more comfortable.

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