China lashes out at BTC


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The blood continues to flow for the fourth day in a row in the market and that is bans in China do a lot of harm to Bitcoin and the market in general, presenting minimum prices for February or March.

Altcoins are also totally bankrupt and present some uncertainty in the market.

Let's see what will happen in my new analysis for Cryptocurrency.


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Bitcoin price chart 06/22/2021 | TradingView

Bitcoin, on the 4H chart, shows a new fall, after recovering a bit on Monday night.

Everything points to what will lose the $ 31,000 level. The bears are taking advantage of all the negative news and are pushing very hard.

They want to break the resistance of $ 31,000 and $ 30,000, which could lead the price of BTC in free fall to $ 28,000 / $ 26,000.


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Ethereum price chart 06/22/2021 | TradingView

Ethereum, on the 4H chart, like all altcoins continues to lose a lot of ground and, unlike Bitcoin, does not show any recovery in each fall.

The bears have full power and are taking ETH for the $ 1,850 and will remain strong to break the $ 1,800 and try to take Ethereum well below $ 1,800 / 1,600.

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Analysis by analyst César Quintero for Cryptocurrency

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