Buenos Aires, without a doubt, is the crypto city of the world


Just a few days ago, the first edition of ETH LATAM, a mega event in the crypto ecosystem, ended. The Ethreum Foundation chose the City of Buenos Aires for this first mission and for 3 days conferences were held on the Ethereum network and on topics such as: DeFi, DAOs and NFTs among others with dozens of renowned national and international speakers.

With a total sold out and the 4000 available tickets sold out in 1 minute in each pre-sale, it was wonderful to be able to feel firsthand all the enthusiasm of an emerging industry that, those of us inside, know is revolutionizing more than a status quo.

From the Ethereum Foundation they explained that Argentina was chosen as the first venue for the meeting thanks “to the great adoption of cryptocurrencies and the vibrant community in the country” and without a doubt these three days were a demonstration of it. Argentina was positioned within the top 10 worldwide in crypto adoption according to the Chainalysis global cryptocurrency adoption index. “In Latin America, the possibilities that Ethereum enables are not an option, but rather the alternative for individuals to build a new system where no one is left behind,” they argued from the foundation.

Having presences and main references of Ethereum at a global level such as Aya Miyaguchi, executive director of the Ethereum Foundation and even a live call with the founder Vitalik Buterin, is to ratify all of the above.

The stories of each entrepreneur, the concerns, the learning, together with the tremendous organization of this event made it an unforgettable experience for the ecosystem and for one of the most vibrant crypto communities in the world. What happens in Latin America, but especially in Argentina, is not experienced in other places on the planet. Possibly, because for many of us cryptocurrencies have meant a possibility, a real solution in the face of a restrictive economy, and in the end, a lifestyle.

It was demonstrated once again that the adoption of Ethereum is increasing in Latin America, and that Buenos Aires continues to consolidate itself as one of the crypto cities in the world, and it is certain that in the coming years we will see many more successful projects in the framework of a decentralized, collaborative and healthy ecosystem.


On August 12, the second day of the meeting that revolutionized the entire Latam crypto ecosystem, and in front of the 250 lucky people who managed to get their tickets for the event – the pre-sale sold out in a matter of seconds – the POLYGON LATAM, the most incredible side event of ETH LATAM.

There were from incredible prizes, merchandising products, DJ set, talks and networking related to topics such as: metaverses, NFTs, DeFi, to live shoe customization. Of course, there was also room for an immersive visual technological experience with augmented reality in the dome of the City Planetarium.

Organized by the Latin American start-up XCAPIT, the self-custodial open source wallet that allows access to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) together with Musure World and Carnaval, the event had it all.

As the CEO of a company in the ecosystem, I have no doubt that Polygon has a scalability based on the transactional costs of the fees that allows it to stand out precisely in Latin America. The low transaction fees added to the fact that this does not mean resigning in security, added to the fact that there is an ecosystem of multiple products and services on this network, gives us the certainty that it is another of the strongest blockchains of the moment and that is why it has It has been a pride for us that they choose us as partners to be one of the hosts of the first Polygon event in Argentina.

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