Blockchain technology: an effective alternative for sustainability and social impact



Polygon, the leading blockchain development platform used by some of the world’s largest companies, including Stripe and Adobe, through its social partner Impact+, met with experts at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, to show not only the great growth of the cryptoactive market in the region but also to discuss sustainability, environmental and social impact issues in Colombia and LATAM.

The great blockchain technology landed for the first time in LATAM in order to participate in DevCon 2022, an event that brought together in the Colombian capital the greatest exponents of the blockchain industry in the world, the companies that are revolutionizing the digital market and the use of the internet but also, it was commissioned to leave a clear message about the importance that social impact issues should have on the agenda of all web3 companies.

Three interesting topics that Polygon can contribute:

1 – Colombia and the transition to hydrocarbons

One of the key points of the meeting was Colombia’s search to eliminate the exploitation of fossil fuels and carry out the energy transition.

This is due to the national situation, which keeps the country divided, among those who consider that by eliminating said exploration and production, the country’s energy security would be put at risk, while those who hold a different opinion assume the need to change the fiscal and commercial dynamics of the territory. Colombian.

How does it help the environment?

One of the uses of the blockchain is to collect data on the different phases of manufacturing a product to calculate greenhouse gas emissions and/or control the origin and management of materials and processes. Thanks to the chain of blocks, the final information cannot be manipulated.

Eduardo Peris Deprez from Polygon, was emphatic in saying how the platform is completely committed to the environment and for this they have pillars of work and an execution roadmap, quite clear. “We carry out research and periodic publications on how to support causes of impact through the blockchain, generating data that can be quantified.”

The support and efforts do not come only from the academic field, impact and innovative activities are also carried out, in addition to supporting pilot projects, being of great help and providing collaboration within the ecosystem.

“Support pilot projects financially but also in education and development. We do a joint effort with international NGOs and their blockchain/innovation funds,” she indicated.

2- Empower local communities in the Amazon area, under the premise that the locals are the guardians of the Amazon for working in a balanced way with nature.

In this sense, it is helping:

  • Increase Aboriginal awareness of web3 (blockchain-based tools, projects and assets);
  • Create practical opportunities to learn and work; insert local talent in ReFi projects.
  • Take the debate to the field.
  • Strengthening technological skills in the field // Provide robust training for Aboriginal DEVs.

3- Polygon Impact Tech House

Faced with the growing number of young people from marginalized neighborhoods who do not have access to education, much less technological education and for this reason, being left behind by not being able to find work in the industry:

  • Polygon Tech Centers will be developed into Community Centers with a proven track record of sustainability and strong leadership in various locations across Latam.
  • Equipping the center with hardware.
  • Working with the Polygon game ecosystem…There’s nothing better than playing!
  • Trainings and meetings will be provided, involving the entire Web3 community
  • job opportunity

Your commitment to the environment

Polygon reiterated as a company its high commitment to the environment and how blockchain technology can combat the effects of climate change in the world.

In addition, Antoni Martin from Polygon emphasized how the transition from Ethereum to PoS is being advanced from the platform, which will reduce the network’s energy consumption by almost 99%. As such, following the transition from Ethereum to PoS, and once the CCRI analysis is complete, Polygon will move beyond carbon neutrality to carbon negative status.

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