Bitwage integrates the Vibrant wallet into its platform



Receiving payments from abroad in Latin America is increasingly common, mainly among self-employed workers who export services and technology companies that have clients outside the country.

And it is that for those who seek to keep their business competitive in developing economies, receiving payments in dollars at the best local exchange rate has become the main focus, if not an obvious necessity.

Understanding this need, Bitwage chooses to integrate the Vibrant digital wallet  into its platform so that exporters of services in Latam can receive their payments in digital dollars (USDC Stellar – stable currency tied to the dollar-)  without the need to pay shipping fees (gas fee).

In addition, they can receive their payments in local currency at a very favorable rate without extra expenses and keep the balance that they do not use in digital dollars, in the Vibrant application without additional costs.

The integration is already available in 16 countries and offers an intuitive user experience. In this way, it seeks to break the barrier that divides IT service exporters from those who work in other sectors unrelated to technology and cryptocurrencies, inviting all service exporters to find this great solution through digital dollars.

How does it work?

1 – Scan the QR code on Bitwage to download the Vibrant wallet.

2 – Again scan the same code to start the setup.
3 – Approve the connection in Vibrant.

4 – Confirm the connection in Bitwage.

5 -Great! all ready to use integration.

“We are excited to work and partner with the Vibrant Wallet to make wagering US dollar stablecoins efficient, streamlined, and even easier for all of our users,” said Jonathan Chester, CEO of Bitwage.

“We are not only talking about receiving international salaries in digital dollars, faster and cheaper, but also about allowing these workers to save their hard-earned money in assets that allow them to treasure and safeguard their value.”

“In the midst of Argentina’s challenging economic landscape, where official inflation rates have exceeded 100%, it has become increasingly difficult for people to save. The Bitwage & Vibrant collaboration will not only allow people to get paid in digital dollars for their international work, but also to receive digital dollars in the Vibrant app more seamlessly. Users can keep digital dollars in Vibrant, send them to friends and family, or convert them to local currency whenever they need to.” – Min Lin, general manager of Vibrant.

About Bitwage

Founded in 2014, Bitwage is the pioneer and leading platform for payment of fees in cryptocurrencies or digital dollars most chosen by workers, freelancers or service exporters, since it offers the freedom to choose the best option to collect income from abroad. It offers the most complete, fast and economical service on the market in a non-custodial manner. It has served more than 60,000 registered users and 3,000 companies in more than 100 countries.

About Vibrant

Vibrant is a powerful digital wallet that allows you to more securely store, send, receive, collect and withdraw money with USDC, a leading stablecoin priced against the US dollar. It is designed to unlock the power of the digital dollar, providing peace of mind when receiving payments and making transactions.

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