Bitcoin’s next currency?


The world of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and full of emotions. In the midst of this panorama, investors are divided on the future of the two main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether).

While some firmly believe that Ether is destined to dethrone Bitcoin in the short term, others remain confident in the cryptocurrency leader.. In this article, we explore the growing prospect that Ether could become Bitcoin’s next currency, as well as the bold bullish predictions for both assets.

Ether, Dethroning Bitcoin?

In recent times, investor confidence in Ether has grown significantly. According to a survey conducted by CryptoVantage, 47% of crypto investors expect Ethereum to outperform Bitcoin in terms of valuation. Investors are confident that Ether has the potential to compete not only with Bitcoin, but also with fiat currencies, with many believing that this could happen in the next 12 months.

However, to achieve this goal, Ether will need to increase its current value by at least 16 times and maintain momentum in the coming months. Furthermore, it will need a significant increase in trading volume and market capitalization to rival Bitcoin.

Cathie Wood’s bullish predictions for Bitcoin.

While some swear by Ether’s ancestry, other market leaders like Cathie Wood, CEO of ARKInvest, have strong confidence in Bitcoin. Wood has made a bold prediction that the price of Bitcoin could exceed $1.5 million. in the long term, which would imply multiplying its current value by more than 50.

For Wood, this prediction is based on the belief that Bitcoin offers a hedge against counterparty risk, especially after the banking crisis that hit the traditional financial market. This bullish view of Bitcoin is undoubtedly attracting investor attention and adding more excitement to the already volatile cryptocurrency market.

To end.

The confrontation between Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to generate intense discussions in the world of cryptocurrencies. Although some investors see Ether as the next competitor that could overtake the market leader, Bitcoin, others maintain firm confidence in the latter’s future.

Bullish predictions, like Cathie Wood’s, add even more excitement and anticipation to the already volatile market. Without a doubt, the world of cryptocurrencies will continue to be a battlefield for investors, where innovation and volatility go hand in hand.

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