Binance Net Flow Surpasses $521 Million in 24 Hours


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has gone through one of the worst stormy exits in the past week due to the SEC lawsuit. According to data from Web3 analytics tool 0xScope, the exchange is reported to have posted a notably positive net flow of $521 million.

Binance Portfolio Total Balance (Source: 0xScope)

In the last 24 hours, Binance has witnessed a funding inflow of $1.37 billion and mastered a funding outflow of $829.9 million. This surge in inflows finally confirms that Binance has regained the confidence of traders and investors. Most of the assets were held on the Ethereum chain, followed by Tron, Bitcoin, and BNB Chain.

ChainTotal Balance (24H)Balance Allocation (%)
BNB Chain$4,340,833,976.168.47
Binance balance on different chains

The 24-hour window reflects the positive stance of the cryptocurrency exchange. However, in the last week, it experienced a net outflow of $6.4 billion and a recessionary net inflow of $5.36 billion. On the weekly time frame, a net negative flow has been recorded.

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