Binance Coin recoils sharply after touching the resistance at $ 20.


BNB in ​​a situation similar to the rest of the cryptocurrencies in the market, we currently have it going back sharply from $ 20.33 to $ 19.32 just where the EMA of 200 periods is located serving as dynamic support in the price. The situation may become delicate if Litecoin fails to exceed that $ 20 this week.

In a positive scenario, we could expect an entry signal to the purchase at the time of breaking the pivot of the week at $ 20 and consolidate a little above this. We must also expect a movement with good volume that confirms a bullish momentum much more pronounced than we have seen so far.

If on the contrary, we see a downward movement that breaks the $ 18.75 if we would have problems in the short term to recover land, the correction could extend up to 78% fibonacci very close to the starting point of all the momentum in BNB since mid December.

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