AirBit Club is the most transparent network marketing opportunity in the crypto industry


AirBit Club was founded in 2015 when Bitcoin was merely trading in a range of $200-$400. Courtesy of multi-year bull run and the growing crypto community, the company has been quite successful in the last five years. In a nutshell, AirBit Club is a  decentralized system that unites three different industries: crypto-economy, network marketing and technology.

AirBit Club is the first network marketing initiative that is transparent and that facilitates everybody to start their own business and take care of their own financial journey. With a presence in more than 160 countries and over two million users, AirBit Club is the largest multi-level marketing club in the world that is not only a decentralized opportunity but also a financial education platform. AirBit Club, through its lavish events, hosted all around the world, has helped millions of people learn about the core concepts of blockchain technology. In these events, AirBit Club executives train potential members on the emerging trends in technology and the digital economy. The company’s executives have been very active since day ONE and the crew has been conducting events & conference in every part of the world – last three events were held in Brazil, Singapore and Russia with a combined footfall of more than 12,000+ attendees.

Strong Team & Remarkable Partnerships

AirBit Club’s team constitutes of experienced blockchain professionals, big data developers that possess the experience of working with blue-chip companies and senior actuaries and mathematicians to provide efficient and secure cryptocurrency investment strategies for investors. 

The team has facilitated the company to have strong relationships with giants that helped AirBit Club gain some userbase in every part of the world. The affiliates feel proud when they see their company share stages with giants like NASCAR, FedEx, Foxsports, TELMEX, Bitfolex, Traxalt etc. 

The club also has a new division that is dedicated to sponsoring motorsport events. The Formula 1, Formula 3 (European and Italian championship), Formula 4 NACAM and Nascar in Mexico are some of the classifications where AirBit Club currently participates with brokers such as Enzo Fittipaldi and Xavi Razo.

The platform on its 2022 Vision 
The vision of AirBit Club is to bring the use of digital currency and its adoption to everyone in the world by 2022 through education and training on its applications of value. And for this, the team has been proactively working even in this brutal pandemic to help entrepreneurs and retailers transition to the decentralized world

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